What is the Difference Between a Will and Revocable Living Trust?

The single greatest point of confusion for our clients is whether they should transfer their assets into a revocable living trust.  Revocable living trusts (commonly referred to as RLTs) have surged in popularity in recent years and have quite a bit of buzz surrounding them. Revocable living trusts have a number of advantages and disadvantages, […]

Who can be an Independent Executor or Administrator in Texas?

In Texas, the Court may appoint an independent executor or an independent administrator only to “qualified” representatives.  Wait, that’s pretty subjective!  What makes a person qualified? The Texas Estates Code defines who may be an independent executor or administrator.  A person is qualified to serve if: They are not incapacitated, temporarily or permanently; They have […]

Certificate of Trust: What is it, and Do I need it?

A Trust created during your lifetime (a revocable living trust) is an important part of any Estate Plan. Trusts can be used for asset protection, tax benefits, to simplify probate and to plan for the financial security of loved ones in the future. But there’s more than simply having a Trust – you also need […]