Trusts can be used to define transfer of family assets, protect against incapacity, and avoid probate and creditor claims.

If you want to efficiently transfer assets to your spouses, children, or someone close to your soul, we can assist you to select the best kind of trust. Our highly-knowledgeable trust attorneys are qualified in preparation of trust agreements, power of attorney, wills, medical directives, and closely resolve business disputes. After evaluating your existing situation and goals, we are professional to prepare all of the trust documents to ensure your objectives are accomplished positively.

The basic function of trusts is to protect the beneficiaries and ensure their underlying requirements are addressed. A trust is mainly created for beneficiaries, like –

  • Spouses
  • Minor Children/ Grand Children
  • Beneficiaries With Spendthrift Tendencies
  • Special Needs Beneficiaries

This legal agreement is mostly used to achieve objectives of specific tax planning and can be activated during your lifetime or at death. Our trust attorneys will also enable clients to attain their personal goals and go with proper planning to protect their beneficiaries. We’ll further help to deal with your multiple estates and manage various tax-related issues included in transfer planning.

Get The Best Help To Ensure Preparation of Your Trust Documents

The dedicated team of Heights Law Group will suggest the right options to address your unique situation and completely protect the beneficiaries. We’ll help to protect your minor children, administration of estates, wealth planning, and provide guidance in all phases of trust litigations. To know more about creating a trust to have the transfer of assets, give us a call at (832) 810-3373 today!