Probate & Estate Administration

PROBATE AND ESTATE ADMINISTRATION We help clients during particularly difficult times after losing a loved one. Having to deal with such tasks as sorting through the deceased person’s property and accounts, figuring out the amount of any debts, and making distributions to the beneficiaries, can become overwhelming. We understand, and we can help. Our Houston […]

What is Trust & Estate Litigation?

Trust & Estate Litigation Trust and estate litigation is an area of the law involving disputes arising from questionable wills, wayward trustees, disgruntled beneficiaries, and self-interested trustees. While these cases can be complex and full of intricate details, the attorneys at the Heights Law Group have the experience and the capabilities to help you resolve […]

What documents are part of an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is important because it can (1) protects your family from overpaying taxes, (2) protect your heirs from themselves and from creditors, and (3) protect young children in the event of a tragedy. Some of the documents that we use to create your custom estate plan include: Wills Revocable trusts Spousal lifetime trusts […]

Wills vs Trusts: Which Is Right for You?

Do you have questions about whether to use a will or at trust?  Contact the Heights Law Group  to get your questions answered today.  Call 713-931-1111 or send an email to  

Surviving Spouse Rights in Texas

What Are Surviving Spouse Rights Under Texas Law? In order to preserve surviving spouse rights in Texas, a surviving spouse must adhere to certain time deadlines provided by statute. The failure to meet one of the probate deadlines can cause a surviving spouse to lose one or more spousal entitlements. What if a Spouse Dies […]