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We can protect you and your family. We offer customized Estate Plans tailored to your needs. We also specialize in handling probate matters, business disputes and civil litigation.

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We focus on one matter at a time. Whether you need help preparing an estate plan or handling the probate of a loved one, we focus solely on you. We are on a mission to treat every client with the detailed attention and focused effort that we would give our own families. We believe you deserve nothing less.

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Our firm specializes in working with parents, and understands the worries and needs our clients have in planning.  We work with families of all backgrounds, including blended families, single parents, parents of special needs children, and traditional families.  Our team will collaborate with you to create a custom plan that truly provides for your family, now and in the future.



We know how important estate and probate services are and how easy it is for life to get in the way. We’ve redesigned our estate planning process to make things as simple as possible for busy parents.  From online fillable forms to virtual meetings, estate planning doesn’t get more accessible than this.



Our estate plans go beyond the legal documents. What we mean by this is that we address both the practical and legal factors that will impact your loved ones after you’re gone. From creating a plan to transmit password and account information all the way to determining which assets may have beneficiary designations that supercede the terms of your will, we pride ourselves in helping you think of everything so your family doesn’t have to.

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